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Archivo 142246113936.jpg - (15.36KB , 600x400 , Bone-Collector.jpg )
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SHOT Show 2015

Que armas nuevas o interesantes que viste?

Smith & Wesson 460XVR 'Bone Collector'

Only 1,500 of these guns are being made, each individually numbered. With its 7.5-inch barrel, it's designed for hunters and its .460 cartridge can take down pretty much any game you can imagine. As yet, Smith & Wesson hasn't announced when they'll go on sale, but they'll cost you $1,680 when they do.

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>> No. 2979
Expandir Imagen 142246148573.jpg - (33.82KB , 600x400 , Taurus-Curve.jpg )
Taurus sigue siendo taurus

Taurus Curve

Cell phones and TVs aren't the only things that are embracing curved surfaces. Taurus has received a lot of criticism about its curved design, but it's not a firearm that seems to be made for enthusiasts. Instead, it's an entry-level .380 gun that may appeal to first-time buyers, who are attracted to its wearable features. It's priced at a low $392.

>> No. 2980
Expandir Imagen 142246158028.jpg - (22.86KB , 600x400 , DP12.jpg )
Standard Manufacturing DP-12 Double Pump Shotgun

Each pump of this two-barreled shotgun will feed two shells into the chamber, but it only has one trigger that fires each barrel independently. It also features a recoil reducing spring and has mounting surfaces for lights, laser sights and more—though it is certainly wider than most shotguns you may be familiar with.

MSRP is $1,400.

>> No. 2981
Expandir Imagen 14224616613.jpg - (21.37KB , 600x400 , galil-ace.jpg )

Israel Weapon Industries is best known for the Uzi, but its Galil AK rifles are just as respected. This updated version, which was a hit among showgoers, will offer two models—a 16-inch barreled rifle and a pistol with an 8.3-inch barrel. The rifle is roughly three-quarters of a pound lighter than its predecessor and features a longer sight than most AKs.

MSRP starts at $1,749.

>> No. 2982
Expandir Imagen 142246232651.jpg - (23.73KB , 620x300 , Desert-Tech-MDR-c.jpg )
Micro Dynamic Rifle

The new rifle is a bullpup-style, auto loading rifle that will be available in a wide variety of configurations. Semi-auto and select fire versions will be available.

The system is still under development, with production expected to start in 2015. While nothing is set in stone, the company has a target price of $2,450 for the .308 Win rifle. Other calibers will include .223 Rem and .300 BLK.

>> No. 2983
Expandir Imagen 142246537048.jpg - (2.35MB , 4000x3000 , ccp.jpg )
Walther CCP

After messing around with the CCP for well over 30 minutes at the show, to say the least-I’m in love. With 8+1 capacity of 9mm, a trigger so smooth I couldn’t relinquish my booger hook from it and an overall profile that would get lost in my slim frame, this gun has a high probability of being a knockout. Time will tell, and for me that time when I actually get one can’t come quickly enough.

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