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Archivo 134064879052.jpg - (376.09KB , 796x1176 , TWD-S5-Key-Art-796.jpg )
2524 "" No. 2524
EEH: Preparamos nuestros culos para la primera mitad de la ultima temporada de Breaking Bad.

T - 20 days

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>> No. 3744
Expandir Imagen 137608058447.jpg - (122.45KB , 960x960 , SOON.jpg )
EEH: Preparamos nuestros culos para la segunda mitad de la ultima temporada de Breaking Bad.

T - 2 days

>> No. 3745
MY BODY IS READY!!!!!!!!!!

>> No. 3746
nadie sabe un stream?
o si netflix los va postiar?

>> No. 3748
Expandir Imagen 137627163518.jpg - (93.89KB , 400x400 , 1346073402081.jpg )
>no esperar a q salga en piratebay
Se que duele esperar pero lo vale.

>> No. 3749
>bajar de piratebay
es mejor verlo con tu pana con $$$

>> No. 3750
Expandir Imagen 137635889787.jpg - (12.33KB , 139x141 , cbgirl.jpg )
>mcc esto es practicamente lo que paso

>> No. 3751
Expandir Imagen 137640403635.png - (81.15KB , 199x282 , Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 10_26_59 AM.png )
MCC cuando eso no fue lo que paso. Mira la escena de nuevo.

>> No. 3758

>> No. 3760
Expandir Imagen 137717931395.jpg - (21.60KB , 286x352 , 1346103750139.jpg )
>mcc cuandome acorde que no he visto el ep 2

>> No. 3766
Alguien me puede contestar como es que jessie se dio cuenta de todo cuando vio sus cigarrillos?

>> No. 3767
Paso a paso
-Jessie busca la bolsa de marihuana en su jacket
-Encuentra una caja de cigarillos
-No encuentra la marihuana
-Sabe que la tenia en la oficina de Saul, pero ahora no.
-Saul queria quitarsela, Jessie dijo que no.
-Jessie la guardo en su bolsillo, por lo tanto alguien se la quito en la oficina de Saul.
-La unica persona que estuvo cerca fue el gordito de seguridad, con quien choco al salir de la oficina.
-Por lo tanto el gordito tiene talento sacandole cosas del bolsillo a la gente.
-Ahora mira la caja de cigarillos, es la misma donde guardo el cigarillo fake de ricin para matar a Gus que nunca uso.
-Jessie nunca uso el cigarillo en Gus, ni lo saco.
-Brock (nene chiquito de la mexicana con que Jessie estaba saliendo) no lo tome como originalmente pensaba Jessie, ya que como sabemos Walt lo enveneno con una flor.
-El cigarillo no esta en la caja.
-Quién lo tomo?
-Ahora usa el conocimiento anterior adquirido sobre la marihuana, en la oficina de Saul, el gordito de seguridad te roba cosas sin que te des cuenta, Jessie recuerda como un poco antes de lo de Brock el gordito lo estaba rebuscando por joder (ver season 4 para confirmar)suma las sospechas que originalmente tenia de Walt y realizacion completada.

>> No. 3768
Without spoiling anything for anyone, in tonight's episode of Breaking Bad, it is revealed that Walt has been keeping his illegally CC'd snub nosed revolver in the freezer of a Coca-Cola vending machine.

The weapon is loaded while being stored, but completely frosted and covered in ice.

>> No. 3772
will the rabid dog be put down?
And by rabid dog I mean Hank

>> No. 3773
Lo dudo. Lo mas facil hubiera sido matarlo a el y a la esposa en el momento que se enteraron pero Walt flaqueo y no pudo tomar esa decision. Por eso es que termina jodio y fugitivo como lo vimos al inicio de la Temporada.

>> No. 3784
Hank se suicida despues que Gomie encuentra el DVD que grabo Walt.

>> No. 3789
Expandir Imagen 137842557823.jpg - (122.91KB , 1213x663 , 6zHkQIc.jpg )
Me da pena Walt Jr. Despues de 5 temporadas y todo sigue igual.

>> No. 3790
Pero en este season va a morir

>> No. 3791
No creo, la que muere es la bebe.

>> No. 3797
Anda pal carajo! Ese final estuvo intenso.

>> No. 3798
me dejo como si estuviera metiendo bien cabron y segundos antes de venirme me hicieran parar

>> No. 3802
Expandir Imagen 137883132649.jpg - (41.61KB , 410x443 , 1346235741120.jpg )
Episode 514 Ozymandias

>Extended Flashback showing Walt's works as per the poem "Ozymandias" such as how he was able to poison Brock and the way he lost his partnership with Grey Matter

>Last 20min goes back to the shootout as the bullets are flying

>Gomie dies with bullets to major organs
>Hank manages to kill Uncle Jack with a bullet to the head (the real purpose of the brains in the bin Marie saw, not Hank's brains) but then takes several bullets and goes down

>Jesse manages to grab a gun and tries to be a hero but gets shot in the stomach

>Todd manages to open the door for Walt to get out, Walt goes to Jesse as he lays dying. Walt confesses things to him and Jesse just sits in a stupor, barely able to understand what Walt is telling him. The life leaves Jesse's eyes and Walt cries like a baby

>We hear Hank coughing or wheezing from being shot in a lung. He's still alive. Todd immediately tries to shoot him but Walt screams "No! I won't cook for you if he dies!"

>Todd becomes the big bad now, saying that his men will hold Hank for as long as it takes until Walt cooks for Lydia (his lady love) and interestingly, becomes a foil to Jesse
in that Walt is a father figure to Todd but has no control over him
>Todd courteously tells Walt that since this is a lot for Mr. White to handle, he will give him some time before he can come cook for him. The prison gang leaves Walt with Gomie and Jesse's bodies to bury with a shovel.

>> No. 3803
Expandir Imagen 137883139613.jpg - (5.86KB , 168x178 , 1347246717272.jpg )
Episode 515 Granite State

>Walt digs up his money to hide elsewhere since Hank knows that the money is there, taking one barrel with him back home in a truck (the spoiler pic)

>He tells Skyler what happened, Skyler freaks out. She knows its only a matter of time before Marie finds out and does something about it so Skyler makes Walt promise to work on getting Hank back and she decides to drive to Marie's house while Walt takes the kids to a safe place and he heads to Saul's office.

>Marie is at her house worrying about Hank. Skyler knocks the door and tells Marie what happened and pleads with her to let Walt get Hank back. Marie wants nothing of it thinking that Walt has offed Hank and Skyler tries to convince her sister otherwise but in a fit of rage, Marie bludgeons Skyler with something until Skyler dies. Marie freaks out about what she has done and calls the police with her sister's body on the floor

>Walt has Saul send Kuby and a freshly returned Huell (who explains his absence) to find out what happened to Skyler since she hasn't contacted Walt and Kuby calls back saying that they just say Skyler's body being carted out of the Shrader home and Marie in handcuffs.

>Saul says its only a matter of time before Walt is going to get ratted on by Marie so Walt undergoes the process of putting his kids and himself in vaccum mode. The episode ends with Walter picking "Lambert" aka Skyler's maiden name as his new name and he picks New Hampshire as a good faraway place to hide his kids.

>> No. 3804
Expandir Imagen 137883143577.jpg - (45.96KB , 450x330 , 1346369772302.jpg )
Episode 516 Felina

>Walt has the ricin and the M60. He goes back to do a cook with Todd. They are able to finish a batch just fine. Lydia shows up to inspect the batch. She approves of the batch, but she's very nervous.

>Walt finds an elaborate way to get the gun into a position and destroy pretty much everybody in the building Tony Montana style, leaving Lydia for last. Lydia tells him where Hank is in exchange for her life, as loverboy Todd told her everything. Walt kills Lydia anyway.

>Walt finds Hank. He has only started to recover from his wounds. There's a heated exchange between them but Hank can't do anything to Walt because he's still in recovery. Walt gives him a whole speech about what he was trying to do for his children and now his wife is dead and his kids are in disarray. Hank says Walt is a liar and it was always for himself. Walt comes to terms with what he has become and he agrees that he really is a bad person, and that he was always bad. Hank says that it's time for Walt to go to jail, and to call the police to come pick him and Hank up. Walt looks at Hank in an almost Heisenberg fashion and says "Hank, I told you I'd never see the inside of a jail cell" and he reveals that he took the ricin himself before setting Hank free. Walt tells Hank how to get his kids and where the money is. Walt has finally done something good with this last redemptive act. He has defeated the final villian, himself, by willingly taking his own life and giving it to the closest thing to a good man on the show.

>The final scene is Hank and Walt, sitting watching the sun come up and the police are on their way. Walt talks about how he never got to enjoy the simple things. He trails off as he collapses in the dirt, as the police finally reach Hank as he waves them down.

>> No. 3805
Expandir Imagen 137885765270.jpg - (17.88KB , 300x400 , 1361833647858.jpg )
>implicando que no es copy pasta de 4chan

>> No. 3806
Expandir Imagen 137893366132.jpg - (19.05KB , 500x275 , 8nYkA89.jpg )


>> No. 3810
>insinuando que implico donde se origino

>> No. 3811
Expandir Imagen 137899586183.png - (843.59KB , 1250x710 , 1378770784728.png )
que piensan anones, estara Todd enchulaito de Lydia?

yo tambien ;_;

>> No. 3812
Eso estuvo establecido claramente. No hay especular nada.

>> No. 3815
Y quien eres tu para decirme si quiero especular sobre en que posicion la va a poner?

>> No. 3817
Expandir Imagen 137932371882.jpg - (169.08KB , 567x828 , 1379312710830.jpg )
Never Forget

>> No. 3818
Expandir Imagen 137934037949.jpg - (74.44KB , 502x653 , 1379216243381.jpg )
>gomie dies offscreen
>he never broke bad
>10 minutes dedicated to Hank being a badass and dying like a man

>> No. 3820
Expandir Imagen 13793459662.jpg - (121.15KB , 1366x722 , image.jpg )

>> No. 3821
noo nooo
Walt is my waifu

>> No. 3822
Expandir Imagen 13793729918.png - (1.08MB , 1262x701 , Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 7_08_13 PM.png )
Adio cara, y esos pantalones de quien serán.

>> No. 3823
  Why is she so cute?

este episodio tuvo un cojon de references

>> No. 3826
Expandir Imagen 137953836623.jpg - (176.76KB , 1200x805 , felina.jpg )
Jesse & Walt

Felina: Final 5 minutes

>> No. 3827
Expandir Imagen 137955930060.jpg - (59.46KB , 500x753 , Jane.jpg )
i agree ella es cute
pero mas era jane :'(

>> No. 3828
Expandir Imagen 137956413640.gif - (4.96MB , 549x155 , E60ZhXV.gif )

>> No. 3829
Expandir Imagen 137961075534.jpg - (336.97KB , 1920x1080 , [dingdingding intensifies].jpg )

>> No. 3832
>wannabe junkie that drew dreams and wanted to steal jessie's money
>also choked while dreaming

>> No. 3840
Expandir Imagen 138031219346.jpg - (184.28KB , 500x288 , 1380280341334.jpg )
quien va a pasarla cabron en ese finale?

>> No. 3847
Basicamente termino asi como es la pic.

>> No. 3848
but combo is dead...

>> No. 3859
Expandir Imagen 138058170283.gif - (409.92KB , 475x247 , 1348447704380.gif )
Donde me dejaron?
Donde estoy?
Tengo hambre!!
No tengo HBO en mi hotel?
Hank contesta por favor!
>mfw Huell dies from hunger games

>> No. 3861
Pinkman no se encontró con los policías de camino?

>> No. 3864
nope, su historia continua en >>3838 NEED FOR SPEED

>> No. 3874
>..... 16 years later a young blonde girl walks into her woodworking class late. The teacher shoots her a glare.
>"Late again?"
>"Sorry Mr. Pinkman, just had to go over some stuff with my Chemistry teacher." Jesse smiles.
>"It's alright. Take a seat, Holly."

>> No. 3880
Expandir Imagen 138093801835.png - (204.84KB , 560x462 , 1365770080090.png )
VInce Gilligan:"Walt Jr. was almost killed in Season 2.

Laying out a scenario where Jesse was killed in Season 1 by ruthless drug dealer character that we never ended up meeting, Gilligan described a scenario in which "Walt is so filled with rage [at] the drug dealer who kills Jesse that he's out for revenge. And he takes it very personally ... Walt gets this guy and chloroforms him or something, and installs him in some basement somewhere" to torture him, with a shotgun and trip wire to give the bad guy the option to kill himself, Gilligan described, before mentioning that this was before he had a writing staff and that everyone who heard this idea was thoroughly horrified. "Walter Jr. was gonna somehow stumble into this place ... and Walt Jr. being a sweet character, was going to try to help him ... and somehow this guy's eyes flicker open and somehow he realizes it's Walter's son, and then and only then does he trip the wire and kill both of them."

>> No. 3888
More like Anthony GOATkins


>> No. 4184
Quien vio better caul saul? A mi me encanto.

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